Sunday, 11 March 2012

UPDATE: Foreign hostages killed in Nigeria

Chris Mcmanus (left) and Franco Lamolinara

On March 8,2012, the British engineer and his Italian colleague were killed after a failed rescue mission led by British and Nigerian forces.
New information says five suspects who were caught and are currently under interrogation confessed they had a standing instruction to kill if they suspected any raid to rescue the hostages, McManus and Franco LaMolinara. Their quote:
 "We had a standing instruction to kill the hostages immediately we sight any security agents around the building. We were to kill the hostages since we were not sure of being alive after any encounter with security men

Autopsy conducted on the body of one of the victim, Franco Lamolinara, suggested he was shot three or four times in the head.
Members of Boko Harem are being blamed for kidnapping and murder but they have issued a statement denying their involvement in the killing of the foreigners.
So, the question the Nigerian Govt needs to answer is: WHO IS/WAS RESPONSIBLE? 

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