Friday, 2 March 2012

SHOCKING: Rape in Aso Rock....

Aso Rock

There are allegations that a personal assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan raped an expatriate staff and the presidency is trying to cover it up!President Goodluck Jonathan called an urgent meeting at his official residence in Aso Villa and imposed a code of silence on all his aides and personal assistants as its first step  to minimize the damage such a sandal will cause. The scandal alleges the rape of an expatriate staff by the President’s personal assistant for domestic affairs, Dr. Temple, who has summarily been relieved of his duties.

The circumstances under which Dr. Temple found himself inside the private quarters of the expatriate staff (names withheld) remain unclear but, has learnt from authoritative sources inside the Presidency that while in her apartment, situated inside Aso Villa, Dr.Temple had sex with her against her consent under the watchful eyes of security cameras that recorded the heinous act of shame as it unfolded.

The victim reported the crime to the authorities within Aso villa after the incident. Security tapes from her apartment were reviewed and basically confirmed the incident did indeed take place. An enraged Jonathan after watching the tape relieved Dr. Temple of his duties and evicted him from the villa. President Jonathan imposed a gag order on all his aides from commenting on the affair because of the diplomatic implications to the incident.

Ha! this one is more than serious...i really hope it is not swept under the carpet!!!

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