Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pictures: Man attempts suicide in Abuja out of frustration

A man by the name Musa Dalhatu, today attempted to commit suicide in Abuja by climbing a mast with plans of jumping to his death. Reports has it that he was frustrated because the former VP, Atiku Abubakar owed him about 15million.  

Musa on the mast
The man had earlier brought a petition to the court seeking to see the Chief Judge but he was asked to take the petition to the Adamawa division of the court saying that Abuja division did not have jurisdiction on the mattter

Musa coming down after being persuaded by an ACP
The ACP and others spectators
 The man was later taken away by the FCT police for further investigation into his accusation on the VP.

I just hope it is real investigation. They should understand that suicide is a serious matter instead of taking him somewhere and bullying him.

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