Thursday, 8 March 2012

Nigeria Vs South Africa.....Deportation spree...Action film

If you have any intention of travelling to South Africa, this may not be the right time to do so as Nigeria and SA immigration are in a show of power this is how the story started:

Last week, SA deported 125 Nigerians with the accusation that they had fake yellow fever certificates. A senator was among those deported. Nigeria in turn refused 28 South Africans entry into Nigeria.

Continue to see more picture and update.

Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
This  Daily trust journalist (pix above) was also deported from SA and a columnist with Daily Times was denied visa. They were both billed to attend the Caine Prize Workshop in Johannesburg on the invitation of the Committee. 

Nigeria has in turn uncovered a prostitution ring of about 67 females run by a South African. The Nigerian immigration is making plans to deport all 67. This is following the previous day's deportation of 56 S.Africans from Nigeria.

This is getting really crazy .....Hahahha

If my observation is correct, the current score is (Nigeria 2 Vs South Africa 2).

Grab your popcorn and drink....this will be one long movie!!! LOL

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