Thursday, 29 March 2012

Dangote truck driver kills student of Benue State University

properties destroyed iin the chaos that ensued

the truck set on fire by angry students

According to an eye witness, one of the Dangote truck drivers killed a final year Economics student at the Benue State University yesterday. The driver was said to have been driving recklessly when he knocked the student and escaped from the scene to avoid lynching.

Other students took to the road to protest by setting up bonfires and in the process held up vehicular movement for over 4 hours along the the road. Police was dispatched to the scene to restore peace but as is their typical style, they shot sporadically into the air and in the process shot another 100 level student.

The driver is in police custody and the school closed until further notice.

Update: i have just being informed that the victim was not a student but the P.R.O of okada riders. Anyone who can confirm this?

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