Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brition and Italian die in failed rescue attempt from Nigerian Captors!

Chris McManus of UK
The British PM, David Cameron has said that the rescue attempts to free captives held in Northern Nigeria has left a Briton, Chris McManus and an Italian, Franco Lamolinara dead. The rescue was launched by the Nigerain forces (army) assisted by their British counterparts.

The men taken hostage since May, 2011 endured a horrible 10 month ordeal in the hands of their captors. During this time, the UK highest security decision taking organisation code-named COBRA, usually chaired by the UK Prime Minister met 20 times seeking ways to secure the release of these hostages until the window of opportunity was presented today.

The rescue action was approved jointly by the UK Prime Minister and Nigerian President on behalf of their governments.
The rescue got underway when the whereabouts of the captives was known and the intelligence had credible information that the hostages were under increasing threats. It is believed the hostages were shot by their captors who sustained severe fatalities whereas none was recorded on the UK-Nigerian rescue forces.

Chris and Francoo with their terrorist captors

He called the captors "terrorists" who planned to make a video of the killings of the hostages. The 2 men were kidnapped from their flat in Birnin Kebbi where they worked for an Italian construction firm on some projects including a bank branch building.

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