Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nigeria Police command located......under a TREE!!

Area 'M' Idimu, Lagos
Ladies and gentlemen...i present to you the new area 'M' police station in Idimu, Lagos! (Drumroll)
This is a big shame to our country :(

Believe it or not, they are taking statements from people under the tree. Where will they detain them though? Under this tree?
Why create a new police station when there is no structure in place for it. You can imagine the condition they are working under, no wonder policemen are usually angry people.


  1. na wah 4 naija ooo!

  2. I think its totally awesome!!!, can you imagine the cost savings on infrastructure? besides they never needed them anyway because they are mostly on the road stopping dangerous people driving to work or too busy letting real criminals go.
    hey on the bright side, it could win an award for the most "green" police station being one with nature and all...

  3. Guess all they need to detain suspects is a dog chain to secure them to those huge tree trunks in the picture!.

    And they expect criminals to take them seriously. Seriously?

    Shame is an understatement.