Friday, 9 March 2012

38 policemen and 8 FRSC officials to face trial for mounting roadblocks!

'They may be dismissed if found guilty" <------There is something wrong with that statement right there!! Dismiss them already!! How 'more' guilty can they get??.

Well, i have seen some around Lagos recently too, are we allowed to report them? How about refusing to give them money at the checkpoints they set up with a line like...."Oga officer, this your road block is not allowed again oooo"?

Seriously though, It is not surprising that the policemen are disobeying their Boss. These are the same people who have no regard for human life....half of the time they commit crimes and get away with it. They made the phrase 'accidental discharge' their excuse for trigger tasty fingers.

It will be a hard task for the IG to turn the force around, even harder for him to make the citizens trust them again. He is however, taking the right steps and we have to give him credit for that! The officers may be di

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