Saturday, 18 February 2012

Whitney Houston's funeral

WH's coffin being taken out of church

One of the greatest voices in history has finally been laid to rest. In a ceremony that lasted over 3hrs, millions of viewers tuned in including my humble self to watch the closest people pay tribute to WH.

Her family and friends all came out to pay tribute to her. Bobby Brown who finally got an invite to the event at the minute bailed immediately after he arrived. Reports have it that he was not happy that his request to speak at her funeral was declined and also he was unhappy over seating arrangements as he wanted to have his 9-member entourage allowed into the church.

The Governor of New Jersey also present, had the flags fly at half-mast in honour of WH, got a standing ovation.

 Bishop T.D Jakes, Stevie Wonder, R. Kelly, Kevin Costner and others sang and gave expressions at the funeral...see full list below

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