Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna back together?

Rihanna and Chris

So i guess we can all conclude that Chris Brown and Rihanna back together, yes? no? Well, the two of them are featured on remixes for each other's songs...yep! two different songs. Turn up the music - Chris Brown and Birthday cake - Rihanna.

I  personally saw this coming cos the two of them have been tweeting at each other lately. Chris earlier tweeted "@Rihanna Happy birthday Robyn' and another time, Rihanna tweeted   " @ChrisBrown  Turn up the music remix #RihannaNavy #Teambreezy enjoy!!!"

The two had a very volatile relationship in the past. CB pleaded guilty to choking, biting, beating, and shoving Rihanna around for about 20 minutes on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards. He was sentenced and has completed his community service.
What's your take on this... is it safe to go back to an abusive relationship?

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  1. Maybe CB has changed though if I were Rihana I won't try it again, no matter how he will still abuse her.