Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NURTW: Lagos Island chapter clash

Men of the NURTW clashed yesterday on Lagos Island. The clash has been on for some time now and i hear it is related to disagreement over elections that are to be conducted. There must be a lot of money in NURTW for them to be fighting like this. I do hope whatever the problem is, it is resolved before more properties and/or lives are lost. cliclk to see another picture.

The former chairman of NURTW spoke on the ongoing clashes from London where he had gone for medical reasons. He condemned the ongoing clashes and appealed for peace. It is good that he is lending his voice to the calls for peace ...but from London? Ha! there is money in this NURTW business jare. Are they not these guys that wear white and green on the roads, taking money from buses that are NURTW again? Who would have thought that their ogas are in London or have kids shooling in London as i have just been told. Lesson: DO NOT underestimate anybody in this life!

photos from Ynaija.


  1. God save this country from these senseless drift that is threatening to grow out of control. east, west, north and south fighting and loss of lives that all we hear of daily!

  2. I wonder why the always seem to clash everytime. I think its the cash involved. May God help us.

  3. i blame the Govt for habouring this miscreants.