Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nigeria police to change uniform

The Inspector General of Police, M.D Abubakar

The Inspector General of Police, M.D Abubakar has announced that plans are being made to change the uniform of the Nigeria police. This and other efforts are being made to rebrand and change the face of the organizaion. The IG went further to make the following statements;

 "There is need for national rebirth in the Nigeria Police, the era of corruption is over. We will allow competence and merit to take place,” Abubakar declared.

“We must redouble our effort in changing the damaging image that we have in the police today.
“There is need for you to change your attitude to work, there is need for us to go back to the basis of policing in this country. So many things have been done unprofessionally."

It looks like the IG has good plans, i just hope it is not all talk. i personally will recommend they go for white uniform seeing the black they wear makes them do bad stuffs, white can make them act like angels abi?

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  1. while i wish the IGP success in his mission to sanitize the Police the question would be, is the change of uniform the most pressing need of the Police at this time we as a country are facing grave security threats? i believe the hood does not make the monk!